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Is America in Bible Prophecy? | Tipping Point

When the tribulation begins, America will be present and a part of the unfolding world events. I share what I believe the state of America will be after the rapture. I’m also talking about the bombshell report released this week from the State Department about Iran’s nuclear stockpile. Attend the XO Marriage Conference live in

Should I Fear the End Times? | Tipping Point

This week I’m talking about Jesus’ prophesy that worldwide fear would be one of the major signs of His coming and how you can overcome it. I’m also sharing about the connection between abortion and antisemitism. Plus, I’ll answer your questions including: “Do I have to be baptized to go in the Rapture?”. Get your

The Proof of Bible Prophecy | Tipping Point | Jimmy Evans

God has already told us what to expect in the end times through Bible prophecy. COVID-19 and the antichrist spirit are just the birth pains of what is to come. Learn about the imminent attack that Iran is planning on the United States and Israel and what we can do to prepare for it. Get