Month: August 2021

Weekly Marriage Tune-Up | Sean & Lanette Reed

In this video from XO Colorado Springs 2021, Sean and Lanette Reed share the importance of having a weekly “tune-up” with your spouse. XO Marriage exists to help couples have a healthy and strong marriage. We do this by hosting conferences, creating resources, and offering encouraging digital content. Our world-class speakers offer leading marriage advice

How to Get to Heaven | Billy Graham Classic Sermon

Billy Graham was asked about the end of the world many times throughout his ministry. Watch and share this 1993 sermon where he explains what it means to be “born again” and the only way to get to Heaven. FROM OUR ARCHIVES… THE BILLY GRAHAM CLASSICS. [applause] TONIGHT I HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR BIBLES WITH

How One Man Found Hope Despite Tennessee Flooding

Shane Gannon is thanking God for protection after floodwaters rose several feet in his Tennessee home. Hear how Billy Graham chaplains are on the ground ministering to homeowners like Shane who are still reeling from the effects of widespread flooding. Read the full story:

I’m Not Attracted to My Spouse | The Naked Marriage Podcast | Dave and Ashley Willis

This episode marks a new season of topics inspired by Dave and Ashley’s upcoming book, The Counterfeit Climax. We’ll be exploring different aspects of sex and marriage starting with this topic of what to do in marriage when physical attraction no longer feels present. XO Marriage exists to help couples have a healthy and strong

God’s Supernatural Provision — Rick Renner

Join Rick Renner today as he begins this powerful new series based on the Twenty-Third Psalm! To order the series and book offers click SHOW MORE. In this ten-part series, Rick Renner meticulously unpacks these six celebrated verses, revealing God’s full-scale rescue operation and His guarantee of supernatural provision, protection, peace, restoration, guidance, confidence, correction,

Enough is Enough

Life is filled with conflict. Your attitude about the conflict is what determines your outcome. It will bring you strength or teach you how to make excuses. God is looking for people who are not afraid to face the giants! Be willing to say, “Enough is enough!”