Month: June 2021

Tribulation Trumpets: Torture, Woes & Satan’s Rampage | Tipping Point | Jimmy Evans

Today I reveal why it’s important for believers to understand the tribulation trumpets that will occur. I also answer your questions about animals being left behind in the rapture, the war of Armageddon and when the rapture is going to come. Get 25% off your first month of the 21 Day Journey at and

Summer Quickies: Age Differences | The Naked Marriage Podcast | Dave and Ashley Willis

How can we keep our marriage strong when there’s a big age gap between us? Many couples are in this “different ages dynamic” and it can present unique opportunities and unique challenges. Dave and Ashley share tips on how to stay connected and celebrate each other’s different perspectives. XO Marriage exists to help couples have

Finding Refreshment in Christ

This morning, Pastor Ryan Shook joins us and talks about the refreshment that Christ brings. We are a new creation in Christ, and it is nothing we could ever earn or deserve. But every day we have a chance to be renewed in our thinking. Join us at to take that next step in