Month: February 2020

Kerry Shook: Rising From the Ashes

Woodlands Church • Our mission is to help people experience Christ rather than man’s creation of religion, so they can grow strong in Christ and take the Christ experience to the world. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, that He loves you unconditionally and has a plan and a purpose for

Surrender All

On this episode of The Difference, Matt and Kendal host Grammy award-winning artist and worship leader and bible study teacher, Laura Story, as she discusses her latest book, ‘I Give Up: The Secret Joy of a Surrendered Life.’ Difference Makers, David and Jason Benham, share on the topic of Boldness.

Reverence for God in the Church – Rick Renner

Do you have reverence for the presence of God in the Church? In today’s program, Rick Renner will walk you into the reality of God’s almighty presence inside the Church.To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE. God wants us to enter into His phenomenal, supernatural, holy presence to experience Him in all

Reverence for God in Tithes and Offerings — Rick Renner

Do you have reverence for tithes and offerings or do you simply tolerate them? In today’s program, Rick Renner will show you that the giving of tithes and offerings is holy and powerful in the sight of God. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE. God wants us to enter into His

Habits of Happy and Healthy Couples

Dave and Ashley Willis talk about how being a happy couple isn’t a matter of luck or compatibility. It’s a matter of implementing specific habits that develop a healthy environment where even on your worst day, you can have a happy marriage. For more marriage building content go to: Check out our NEW book

Relationships Part Four: Engagement & Marriage

Thank you for tuning in to the last episode of our relationship miniseries! We hope and pray that no matter what your current relationship status is, you were able to gain some practical insight and biblical direction for the relationships in your life. This week, we’re finishing our miniseries by talking through the importance of

Overcoming Disagreements | Dave and Ashley Willis

Every marriage faces disagreements because every spouse has his/her own personality, perspective, and preferences. In this episode, Dave and Ashley have an important conversation about the keys to keeping unity and peace in marriage even when the husband and wife have two different preferences. Examples will be shared from small issues like “What to watch