Month: September 2019

Kerry Shook: The Hunt for Integrity

Today, we are looking at something our souls desperately seek, and that is Integrity. God wants us to live lives of integrity. Scripture: Daniel 6:16-23, 6:4, 6:10, 6:27 Woodlands Church • Our mission is to help people experience Christ rather than man’s creation of religion, so they can grow strong in Christ and take the

Joakim Lundqvist – Spirit Comes, Church Goes – Global Impact Weekend

Watch us live this weekend on our Youtube Live stream or at Or search for: Joakim Lundqvist – 09/28/19 Series: Global Impact Weekend Sermon Title: Spirit Comes, Church Goes If you would like to contact us for prayer go to

Rick Renner — The History of Thyatira

Join Rick Renner as he opens this series on Christ’s profound message to the church at Thyatira. Beginning today, Rick will unravel these riveting verses from the book of Revelation to take you right into the heart of God on this crucial subject. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE. Who was

Pain, Purpose and Freedom

Victor Marx survived a turbulent childhood including multiple step-fathers, one of whom was severely abusive, while attending 14 schools and living in 17homes by the time he graduated from high school. Victor shares his story of redemption, with a mission of bringing a message of hope and healing to those who have suffered trauma. Victor

#42: Weed and Feed Your Marriage with George and Tondra Gregory | Season 2 | XO Marriage Podcast

On this episode of the XO Marriage Podcast, we go behind the scenes with George and Tondra Gregory as they talk about the importance of recognizing and uprooting the things in your marriage that were not planted by God and maybe choking out God’s life in your marriage. Visit our website to learn more about

Training Your Mouth for Marriage

“In this XO NOW clip, Jimmy Evans teaches us the impact our words have on our marriage. How well you communicate has a direct correlation to the success of your relationship. Your marriage will never rise above the level of your mouth.” Full Teaching on XO Now: MarriageToday’s Official Site: Jimmy Evans is