Month: June 2016

21 Day Inner Healing Journey |

Available now at: Jimmy Evans wants you to experience The 21 Day Inner Healing Journey. In just a few days, you’ll begin to heal from the scars of your past, so that you can reach your full potential. Jimmy will guide you through 21 daily plans, including over two hours of original video content,

Adrian Rogers: 5 Ways to be a Successful Husband #2229

5 WAYS TO BE A SUCCESSFUL HUSBAND: Happy Father’s Day, Dads! In this insightful message by Adrian Rogers, you will learn about the differences in men and women and five things God’s Word says you should do for your wife. If you would like to purchase the message, visit — How to have a

Blending Families: Prior Relationships | MarriageToday | Jimmy Evans

Ten years after divorce 50% of people still have feelings of love for their ex-spouse. Jimmy Evans discusses how to heal from the prior relationship in order to experience marriage success. For more marriage help videos, subscribe at: Essential Steps to Save Your Marriage: How to Have a Better Marriage: Heal from Pain in