Month: December 2015

Franklin Graham: It’s Time for the Church to Take a Stand

In 2016, Franklin Graham is visiting every state to share the Gospel and challenge Christians around the nation to pray, vote, engage. The Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham kicks off Jan. 5 in Iowa. For more, visit Music used with permission.

Taking a Stand Even When it Costs

Former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran and brothers Jason and David Benham paid a price for being vocal about their faith. Franklin Graham gives a challenge to stand for Christ regardless of the cost.

Our Common Problem in Finding God | MarriageToday | Jimmy Evans, Karen Evans

God’s foremost desire has always been to have a close relationship with us. Jesus wasn’t born as a triumphant king, He was a common baby coming to earth in order to relate with regular people. ANNOUNCER: COMING UP ANNOUNCER: COMING UP ANNOUNCER: COMING UP ON “MARRIAGE TODAY ANNOUNCER: COMING UP ON “MARRIAGE TODAY ANNOUNCER: COMING

Preston Morrison – What Do You Want?

Preston Morrison – What Do You Want? Watch us live this weekend at Search for: Preston Morrison – 12/05/15 Sermon Title: What Do You Want? If you would like to contact us for prayer. Email us at:

The Cost of Christmas | Billy Graham TV Special

Have you ever thought about the cost of Christmas? Beyond buying presents and decorations—a real price was paid for the joy of Christmas. Watch the latest Billy Graham TV special, featuring 3 encouraging stories that show the true cost of Christmas and how we should respond.

Kerry Shook: Faith That Overcomes The Darkness

No matter what adversity you’re facing in your life, God wants to do something in your life beyond what you can imagine. In the sixth installment of ‘Rise: Seize the Moment, Shatter the Darkness,’ Pastor Kerry Shook examines the 5 faiths that we all need to overcome the moments of darkness.

Taking the Gospel to the Streets

Ben Charles was relentless for the things of this world until he had an encounter with Christ. Now he’s relentless for the Gospel and uses the “My Hope” project, ministering to the people of the streets in the Seattle area. Watch the entire Billy Graham TV Special “The Cost of Christmas” at